Nutrition during pregnancy has become extremely important because of all the changes that the body is experiencing. Our body is takes up a new role and is developing a new human being. The nutrients that we eat are used during the development process and are also used as nutrients by the baby. These changes cause the nutrition needs change during pregnancy.

You need to contact your doctor as soon as you know you are pregnant. Your doctor and your dietician will help you design a special pregnancy nutrition program that will provide the nutrients that you and your baby need. A good pregnancy nutrition and exercise program can help ensure proper development, ease pregnancy symptoms and minimize the risk of miscarriage.

There are professional dietitians at Gupte Hospital who help in planning nutrition programmes for pre and post natal care. The dietitians also help in planning diets for patients with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension, Gestational Diabetes and for PCOD patients.


  1. Menu planning (for normal and post-op patients) taking into consideration the nutritional value, taste and cost
  2. Quality check of food served to the patients (tasting, microbiological test of food served once a month, check the tray / tiffins served to the patient, check the hygiene standards during the service)
  3. At the time of discharge, tips for post natal care, galactogauges, patient’s feedback will be given.


  1. Counseling (diet chart, tips for pre-natal care)
  2. Diet for trimesters (follow-up & recipes)

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